In 1968, over 10 million Americans, many of them children, suffered from hunger and malnutrition. But it took the CBS news report to bring the faces of this pain into every living room and galvanize action.

The next year President Nixon appointed a Special Consultant who convened…

If we learn to love ourselves as we truly are, we‘re one step closer to mental health & making safe workplaces.

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Photo by Ellen Feldman — Onto the Screen
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We have privileged appearance and success and ignored mental health as a society for so long that our mental health barometer is off.

We believe that it is time for a reset of what we value and what we expect from others and ourselves — especially…

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Ten years ago, warned that a “silent tsunami” of mental disorders in the workplace “could engulf organizations in [a] myriad of productivity and profitability problems as well as legal liabilities unless mental health is addressed as seriously as are marketing, compensation, and strategic plans.”[1]

“A wise man apportions his beliefs to the evidence.”
David Hume

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They say that when we fall in love, we don’t need to explain.

They also say that “anyone who falls in love is searching for the missing pieces of themselves.”

We have fallen hard for the term and…

. Naomi Osaka[i]

Michael Phelps’ wife, Nicole Johnson Phelps[ii]

You have spent decades…

Highlights from a FACCNE webinar on diversity and inclusion, May 2021

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A set of toy figurines seem to talk in a circle; a pineapple appear above one of them, please read the post for context!
And the magic word is … © Ellen Feldman

The primary source of stress for workers is not long hours — it is tasks that are not well suited to their skills and the time and resources managers provide. Being more conscious of how individuals are present at work is essential to lowering stress and…

A Harvard Business School case study with a hand turning the front page

The first Harvard Business School case study, , came out in 1921. One page; a written piece of art. Like many cases since,itdescribes a problem:workers stop being productive toward the end of…

The photos shows the slug with its separated head. Source:

When we neglect dimensions of our own uniqueness and reduce others to just a few of theirs, we limit human potential and resilience.

Leaders, entrepreneurs and future leaders who just accept and respect diversity in the workplace miss an essential opportunity to embrace and celebrate it. …

.” Gregory Burns

Squares painted by individuals come together on a rectangular frame and we see the words “authentic” and “partners.” The profile of two hands in pink paint seem to come together, fingertips nearly touching.
Corporate team building workshop artwork- USA

Many of us…

Carin-Isabel Knoop

Passionate about encouraging human sustainability and equal access at work. Collector and connector of people and ideas.

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