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  • Salvijus Naikauskas

    Salvijus Naikauskas

    Serial Entrepreneur. Obsessed with Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, AI and helping people worldwide to unlock their full potential (LimitlessMindInstitute.com).

  • Nish Parikh

    Nish Parikh

  • Team Marvin

    Team Marvin

    Our mission is to end the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health.

  • Hise Gibson

    Hise Gibson

    Passionate about the intersection of Operational Effectiveness & Human Capital Development by leveraging a Systems Thinking framework to solve complex problems.

  • Elfel


  • Mel Martin

    Mel Martin

    Mel is an Associate Case Researcher at the Harvard Business School interested in business, politics, social media, and the tech that drives our world today.

  • Andressa Martins

    Andressa Martins

  • Amram Migdal

    Amram Migdal

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